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MLP is Not What I Expected it to Be
So, I’m sure everyone is familiar with, or at least has heard of, the popular show titled ‘My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic’ right? Well, I myself don’t know much about it, but my best friend is a big fan.
He wanted me to become a fan of the show as well, because he said that the show has good morals and is pretty funny; despite its original intended audience being little girls. While I don’t enjoy it people trying to make me like something, he’s my best friend, so I thought I’d take his word for it.
This all happened when I was walking home from school with him though, so of course while we were walking he couldn’t exactly send me a link. He said that he would send me a link when he got home. After we parted ways, it was only a short walk home for me.
When I got home, I checked my computer to see if he had sent me a link; his house was a bit farther than mine, and he hadn’t sent me the link because he hadn’t gotten home ye
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Taming the tamer
It had been the end of another busy day for Peter. it was sunset, the sky was clear, not too cold considering it was Winter. He was on his way back home from college and making his way towards the bus stop. The buses had been on strike for a few days, and only one or two of them were running every so often, so he'd be waiting a while for one. As he neared it, he had noticed a shop that he had never seen before. It was a comic and collectors shop from the looks of it, with a banner above the door reading "Grand opening weekend - 20% off all items!". It certainly sounded like a good offer to Peter, and he had no idea how long he would be waiting for a bus. Thankfully the shop had the bus stop in full view, so he'd be able to see out to see if it was coming along, so he went inside to have a look around.
The instant he stepped in, he knew he had stepped into one weird shop. Perhaps this was the reason why everything was 20% off. The stuff that was inside that shop looked pretty normal to
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Beauty Sleep
"Avast ye foul lizard! Crawl out from that hidey-hole on your belly so I may stain my blade with your impure blood!"
He stood outside the dragon's den, a gallant figure clad from head to toe in gleaming metal. Shield and sword were poised, and the crimson plume adorning his helmet flapped in the sputtering breeze.
"You may have terrorized many a kingdom and slaughtered many a valiant knight, but not I! For I come bearing my family's ancestral sword, a bright woe-bringer to all the creatures of darkness which hide in their fetid pits! Enjoy your next breaths, dragon, for they shall be your last."
Deep down in the depths of the dragon's den, a pair of bleary eyes cracked open.
Oh please not ANOTHER one.
The Dragon yawned and stretched on its hoard; a wretched fuzzy taste had settled into his mouth overnight, and a dreadful scratch lingered in the back of his throat. An inordinate amount of gagging and hacking ensued as a modest glob of mucus was expelled from his lungs. That was d
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Not My Kind of Fairy Tale
Don't give me the Knight
Whose armor shines so bright.
Give me the Knight,
Whose armor is dull and broken.
Whose horse is weary,
Whose heart is heavy.
Give me the Knight who looks at the dragon with pity,
For that dragon has done nothing,
And is just as imprisoned as the princess he guards.
Don't give me a princess who only wishes to be saved,
By that Knight whose armor shines so bright.
Give me the princess who wishes to escape yes,
But wants to free the dragon,
Who does not wish to marry her savior--
Nay, give me the princess who wants to explore,
Who wants to live and to learn.
For the years of imprisonment only made her yearn,
Not for the Knight whose armor shines bright,
But to see the world and live in the light.
Do not give me the evil dragon,
Whose soul purpose is to give that bright Knight something to fight.
No, give me the dragon who is weary,
Who longs for the freedom of the sky,
Whose leg is burdened with chains,
And whose heart aches for the princess he must guard,
Lest h
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Sane Asylum
"I'm sane, I tell you! Sane! S-A-N-E! Sane! Why are you putting me in here?! I'm sane!" Charles struggled against the nurses' arms. "Let me go!"
The nurses tossed him into the cell and slammed the door shut behind him. Charles began banging on the door and continued to do so even after he knew the nurses who had brought him there were long gone. Finally, he slumped against the door.
"But I'm not crazy..." he whimpered.
"Of course you aren't," a voice behind him said soberly. "Why else would you be here?"
Charles whipped around suddenly aware that he was not alone.
"Who are-" he began, but the woman sitting before him waved him silent.
"Name's Smoke," she said in reply to the unfinished question. "Welcome to the Escher-Carroll Asylum for the Criminally Sane. I've been an inmate here for about seventeen years, give or take a lifetime. They count time weird around here." She shrugged. "And you are?"
"Charles," the man replied cautiously. While this little dialogue had been going on, Charl
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Unclassified Survival Guide
1.  Marry someone you don't love.

If you are already in a loveless marriage, you can skip this step.
2. Bring up the subject of moving with your spouse.
Prepare a list or reasons you want to move. Pick someplace very far away, ideally in another country. Be firm but not impatient, do not seem over eager. Tie up any loose ends, ship possessions ahead and be ready to leave at a moment's notice. Expect this step to take some time.
3. Create a garden in the backyard.
Mention to your spouse how relaxing gardening is, and point out that it will raise the value of your home. If you do not have a yard, locate a suitable area near your house, such as a disused lot.
4. Purchase sapling, and begin digging a plot.
The hole should be round, large enough for your spouse's body and several feet deep. Purchase a large sapling to avoid suspicion. If someone points out that the hole seems large for the sapling, mention something abou
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The Deviant's Dictionary
$- A title that commands respect, such as "Sir," "Duke," or "Bass Master." Also: ', @, ^, #, %, and +
Adoptee- A subspecies of deviant, which attach themselves to larger predators, much like remoras or temporary tattoos.
Anime- One of the most thriving, fastest-growing religions in the world today.
Avatar- The tiny, tiny window in the computer screen, though which a deviant may look at the outside world.
Community- A safe haven where like minds can gather, free from the prying and oppressive eyes of the outside world, to talk about how sexy Jack Sparrow is.
Constructive criticism- Any comment that does not involve the words "dood," "teh," "poop" or "gay." Any replies made to constructive criticism will contain all four.
Dark Art- Pictures of various pale women with too much eye makeup. May or may not be bleeding from somewhere.
Deviant- Once thought to exist only in myth, the wild deviant has recently been found thriving in variou
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Dragon Vore - Giving In
Giving in
written by Wii2PARTY
I am a knight!
A knight without a name.
Well... I have a name, but no one cares much about it!  I am just a pawn, in my king's plan.  I have no say in how the plans could go and no one cares about my thoughts; my only objection is to continue to follow his orders, without question.  Failure to comply... would mean certain death.
I didn't like those rules, but I couldn't speak my tongue, without the chilling thought of being beheaded for speaking my mind!  It is a sad life, but one that I must follow.  It seems like there is no other alternatives to this continueing cycle; to  fight off monsters day in and day out.  I had always dreamed of being something more... being able to maybe become a traveling salesman, or even becoming a jolly jester, but dreams like those could never become true.  Thus is the curse of my life I must live.
And so, another day has come... and word of a ferocious dragon has spred across the ki
:iconthroughdarkdepths:ThroughDarkDepths 77 66
Dragon Tamer part 8
That night Derrick could not sleep no matter what he tried.
Every time he closed his eyes, the image of the cow came back as vivid and fresh as if he were tearing it apart at that very moment. It made every inch of his human mind feel repulsed and terrified at the same time.
He and Rie had not talked a single word since the incident, and it was crystal clear she considered his attitude towards the event as a sign of weakness that could not be tolerated. If anything, her smugness only appeared to have become greater over the past few hours.
Not able to stay still any longer, he went outside into the night air.
Even though he had the muzzle still strapped on and his body was showing his level of stress with muscle cramps, the fresh breeze that blew on his face seemed enough to lift his mood even if by just a little bit.
Looking around, he remembered how well his eyes could see in the dark. He just took some random direction and began walking without trying to think about what he'd do if
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Affiliation - Dungeoneers Guild  Division - Treasure Hunters


Name - Toodimenshin  Species - Weavile  Gender - Male  Ability - Pressure

Age - 21  Nature - Adamant  Characteristic - Sturdy body

Moveset - Brick Break, Beat Up, Snatch, Ice Shard


Aliases - Toodee  Position - Bard/Herbalist  D.O.B - 5th of Oct.  Age - 21

Height - 4' 07"  Weight - 90.0lbs  Type - Dark, Ice  Prefrences - Asexual


Toodee is a member of a family of travelling bards, so he inherits traits not normally seen on a Weavile. He follows the family tradition of having green, upward pointing arrows painted on the crest and wearing looped ear piercings. He wears black sandals, blue pants held up by brown laces, and an orange tunic adorned with the green, upward pointing arrows seen on his crest. He is rather slender and has shorter than normal ears so he is often mistaken for a female, much to his dismay. He has eyes that have the colours of copper rust and long eyelashes.


He is rather friendly, he despises violence and wishes for a world full of love. He loves to say "With love and lum berries!" to answer some questions and lives a vegetarian lifestyle based on berries and greens, especially lum berries which may have attributed to his height. He is technically feral but is quite civilised and very polite, he never passes up an opportunity to sing a song while playing playing the banjo and dancing. He is very affectionate and always greets people traditionally with a hug and bow and always undertstands when people aren't comfortable with a hug and will greet them with a bow. He does not tolerate unfair treatment and injustice and especially doesn't like it when his songs are interrupted for any wrong reason.


Toodee is part of a family of travelling bards, the bards came about as escaped convicts, hence the arrows, the convicts roamed across the land, creating a bond with the land, they revered Zygarde for the land's boons they were bestowed while they were on their long journeys. They later became known as 'sages' and one of their treks came with a harrowing discovery, a lone Weavile hard was trapped in a ravine on the verge of collapsing, they saved the saved him and he joined their ranks. The Weavile, known as Rorshok, introduces music to the sages' culture and teaches them recipes for lum berries, thus creating new generations brought up "with love and lum berries" on which Toodee was raised with. The sages eventually came across Rorshok's home town, where he asked the the sages if they wanted to join him as bards, they agreed and followed him across the lands performing for others and spreading thier joy across their travels. Toodee was raised with his family learning the ways of the land and song, he and the bards are feral but they know the ways of the civilised, the bards now known to this day as the 'Sages of song' remain feral because they have never settled in one place for too long, now Toodee wants to employ his services at the guild, providing teams with support and entertainment, if it wasn't for the Sages of song Toodee would've been a completely different 'mon.


The convicts and arrows were inspired by the convicts on Australia's First Fleet. It is not uncommon for the sages to have echolalia, because they are told to repeat important information to themselves to help memorise it.


Pretty much everyone Toodee meets are his friends, he loves everyone with the hope for peace among Pokemon.
Sage of song-Toodee
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNND I am done plz do not steal and if it is stolen tell me thnx!
Attention all visitors and artists, I thank you all for your epic art and while I don't really say anything just know when you thank me for a fav just know you are always most welcome!


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